This publications list is generated programmatically from .bib files. Expand the folded code to see how!

# Format a publication's author list
format_authors <- function(authors) {
  # Split authors' names (First MI Last or First Last)
  authors_split <- stringr::str_split(authors, " ")
  # Format as Last, FI. or Last, FI.MI.
  authors_formatted <- purrr::map_chr(
    function(parts) {
      if (length(parts) == 3) {
        sprintf("%s, %s.%s.", 
                substr(parts[1], 1, 1), 
                substr(parts[2], 1, 1))
      } else {
        sprintf("%s, %s.", 
                substr(parts[1], 1, 1))
  # Shorten long author lists
  if (length(authors_formatted) > 7) {
    authors_short <- c(authors_formatted[1:5], 
  } else {
    authors_short <- authors_formatted
  # Make my name bold
  authors_short[authors_short == "Czapanskiy, M.F."] <- "<strong>Czapanskiy, M.F.</strong>"
  # Concatenate
  paste(authors_short, collapse = ", ")

# Find path to PDF file
find_pdf <- function(authors, year, title) {
  lead_author <- stringr::str_extract(authors[1], "[^ ]+$")
  title_short <- title |>
    stringr::str_replace_all("[^a-zA-Z \\-]", "") |>
    substr(1, 30)
  pdf_pattern <- glue::glue("{lead_author}.*- {year} - {title_short}")
  dir(here::here("assets", "papers"), 
      pattern = pdf_pattern, = TRUE) |>
    (\(pdf) file.path("assets", "papers", pdf))()

# Read bib file
pubs <- bib2df::bib2df("assets/works.bib") |>
  # Retain relevant fields and format author list
    authors = purrr::map_chr(AUTHOR, format_authors),
    title = TITLE,
    journal = JOURNAL,
    year = YEAR,
    pdf = purrr::pmap_chr(list(AUTHOR, YEAR, TITLE), find_pdf)
  ) |>
  # Format in HTML. Markdown doesn't support reverse ordered lists??
    pub_html = glue::glue("<li>{authors}. ({year}). {title}. <em>{journal}</em>. <a href=\"{pdf}\" target=\"_blank\">PDF</a></li>")
  ) |>
# Reverse ordered list
  "<ol reversed>",
) |>
  1. Kahane-Rapport, S.R., Czapanskiy, M.F., Fahlbusch, J.A., Friedlaender, A.S., Calambokidis, J., …, Savoca, M.S.. (2022). Field measurements reveal exposure risk to microplastic ingestion by filter-feeding megafauna. Nature Communications. PDF
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